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From Our Ovens to Your Home

We bake bread 7 days a week. Call ahead to see what types we're baking today!

Integrale Batard

Artisan Italian Bread

Our Italian Breads are baked three days a week, with different types on different days. We offer Integrale (Our most popular, Cracked Wheat with Rye & Honey), Sourdough, Potato, Kalamata Olive, &
Pane Francese.

$5.95/Baguette, $6.95/Batard
4 Varieties!

Sandwich Loaves

Choose one of our many sliced Sandwich-style breads: 100% Whole Wheat, Challah, and Sourdough.

Braided Round with raisins


Our Challah is baked fresh every Friday and is a guaranteed hit! We most often make a straight braided loaf but can also bake it as a sandwich loaf or a ring for holidays and special occasions.

Parkerhouse Rolls

Dinner Rolls

Traditional Parkerhouse, Butterflake, Whole Wheat, Challah, or Buttermilk Sesame. We can also bake our Italian Breads into rolls if you order ahead! Potato is a popular favorite.

$6.95/6 Pack
Challah Hamburger Buns


We've got you covered at your next BBQ! We make Challah Hamburger and Hotdog Buns on a regular basis, but can also do Buttermilk or Whole Wheat if ordered in advance. 

$6.99/6 Pack
German Stollen


We bake a wide variety of specialty seasonal breads throughout the year. Irish Soda Bread, Tsoureki, Panettone, German Stollen, Fruitcakes, and many more! Please note that we cannot bake these breads out of season (unless it is a large order), due to our large batch-sizes. Call and see when your favorite will be available!

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